Building a Best-in-Class Executive Bench

Research has found global executives attribute nearly half their company’s reputation to the CEO. Further, more than 60% of consumers say their perception of a CEO affects their opinion of the company as a whole.


Couple that pressure with the never-ending demands for executives to communicate with more frequency, to more audiences, and across more channels than ever before, and it’s no wonder the standards for communications effectiveness by corporate leaders is at an all-time high.


How can you ensure your next executives are your best executives?

Download this ebook to learn how to ensure your organization's executive bench is populated with world-class communicators who will earn trust and respect from employees, customers, and investors alike.

What our clients are saying


Wow, this totally changes the way I give my CEO feedback.



- Fortune 50 CMO




"This is like Fitbit for my communications."



- Fortune 10 CEO



"QC has been integral in giving our Executive MBAs incisive feedback and developmental tools to improve their communication, and their leadership communication data is unprecedented."

 - Management Professor, Top 20 Business School